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Renewable energy is beneficial for any domestic / commercial / agricultural use. Each sector requires unique designing and installation. GP Tech Energy as part of awareness program provide information for major sectors in Pakistan keeping in view the real needs and suggestions to public in order to allow them proper selection in return of their valued cash.

The major sectors can be classified as follows:

  1. Domestic use (houses, farm house, etc)
  2. Commercial use (offices / shops / Fuel Pump Stations /ATMs etc)
  3. Agriculture Use (water pumps any size, dairy farms, poultry farms, fish farms etc.)

Domestic Use

GP Tech Energy optimizes cost by offering various combinations of alternative energy solutions; these solutions are based on client needs and budget.


121Renewable energy installation for domestic use can vary from 500W to 10kW. Various combinations can make systems cost effective. Battery back ups are major contributor to cost. GPTech Energy has solution for all you need with most suitable solution to your needs. We can provide you Off-Grid, All/partial home electrical loads by UPS (uninterrupted power combined with Solar / Wind / Wapda). We can even split load on pure / modified sine wave inverters to give you better return of your valued cash. Combination of pure/modified since wave greatly reduces the cost still ensuring that power is supplied to all necessary households.

If you are interested to draw maximum power from your solar panels, we can provide state of the art MPPT from world’s best companies combined with solar trackers. This will increase the energy harvest by 50%.

Typically it is noticed that with the electricity rates of today a solar system will pay back within 4-5 years of its cost and remaining 15-20 years the power is provided free of cost. There is virtually no maintenance and running cost for renewable energy. No fuel consumption and no parts to be serviced. All you need is to install it and forget the heavy electricity bills.

It is worth to note that around 40% of Pakistan’s electricity is consumed by domestic use. Having individual power generation with renewable energy will have positive effect on countries economy. Power generated at your door steps not only helps the individual to cut short heavy electricity bills but also help country to reduce its huge fuel bills. No line losses, No electricity theft, No maintenance. qGPTech Energy aims to make the country greener. GREEENER IS BETTER.

Commercial Use

Since most of the commercial user consume the electricity for lighting / ventilation / fans etc. GP Tech Energy can provide competitive bids to carry out installation by using low cost Modified Sine wave Inverters or combination of Modified Sine wave and Pure Sine wave.

ATMs for Banks, Towers for telecommunication which require uninterrupted supply of power can enjoy the benefits of Alternative energy working as UPS during power outage. This resolves the main issue of having costly fuel generators, operators, maintenance etc. GP Tech Energy can provide solution to such requirement with best quality hardware and installations.

Fuel Stations now can enjoy uninterrupted power supply to operate as many as required fuel distributor and necessary illuminations 24 hours without worrying about power cuts.

Agriculture use

Fuel prices and shortage of electricity are making agriculture difficult, expensive and less productive. Pakistan’s 60% labor force is involved in agriculture directly or in directly. Ever growing fuel and electricity cost are impacting negatively on agriculture sector 111which uses almost 8% of all electrical energy produced in the country.

GPTech Energy with its vast experience in this field can be your best choice. We offer our solutions for small to large water pumping solutions. No matter depth of the water, we will take it for your field. We have both submersible and surface water pumping systems from World’s TOP companies. These products are efficient, reliable and virtually no maintenance is required.

Water requirement for dairy farm, cattle farm, fish farm and other similar use can be met with GP Tech Energy. Many options and selection of various solar / wind technologies are available.