About Us

GP Tech Energy Objectives:-

03545GP Tech Energy was formed after several years of R&D in renewable energy worldwide and specifically in Pakistan.  Our team consists of highly trained professionals who are up to task for any kind of solution.  GP Tech Energy believes in following principles;

  1. Client satisfaction
  2. Quality and durable product
  3. Optimization of systems
  4. After sales services

1 – Client Satisfaction – While most of clients are cost oriented, we provide various solution and explain the technical details to each client. We believe that a Client has right to know the advantages and disadvantages of the system. Our aim is to raise the awareness of renewable energy and its applications.  Each and every hardware selected by us is explained in detail with its specification and characteristics to our client for better understanding of system designed and its benefits. Our value is our client not the sales.

2 – Quality and durable product – We are aware of high competition in market due to presence of low cost and low quality hardware.  This low quality hardware is commonly sold as cheaper solution but often result in frustration due to malfunction or unsatisfactory results of installation. GP Tech Energy has a very strict rule to make our clients aware of what they are purchasing. We prefer to have low sales rather than selling low quality and unreliable products. GP Tech Energy is working with worlds most known and reliable companies for hardware. We make sure that installations are carried out in a professional way and after sales services and troubleshooting are attended with top priority.

3 – Optimization of Systems – Once we understand the requirement of our clients we provide suitable solutions in solar pump 111order to allow our client to evaluate various possibilities and look for best suitable solution for their needs and budget.  This approach increases the client’s confidence in renewable energy and also helps to spread the awareness.

4 – After sales Services – Once you have become a client of GP Tech Energy. You will enjoy our after sales services with same priority and care as before. We, at GP Tech Energy value our clients.

GP TECH Energy Specialization:-

GP Tech Energy specialist carefully study each case taking into account all the variables in order to make sure that client valued money is properly spent. GP Tech Energy provide solutions for solar and wind power. We provide most suitable and economical solution for our clients.

GP Tech Energy has direct links with world’s well known manufacturers for Solar and Wind Energy. We maintain proper stocks to meet the requirement of our customer.

GP Tech Energy also specializes in solar water pumping solution which is crucial for the country’s economy.

The main areas of strength for GP Tech Energy are as follows:

  1. Home Solar System – On/OFF Grid power generation using high quality hardware to ensure that the client gets reward of his money what he deserves?. Our system is designed based on client real requirement optimizing the system to maintain the minimum cost.  Often we offer a mix of grid supplied power and solar/wind power in order to make sure that the client has power 24/7. We provide both Automatic Transfer Switch and manual installations to best suit the requirement.
  2. Small Business – Small business locations/offices/shops/factories energy solutions are provided on EPC terms. We design the system, procure the material and make the installations up to customer satisfaction.
  3. Institutes/schools/colleges – Institutions can be powered up by renewable energy. GP Tech Energy provides the most economical solution to make sure that the client is fully satisfied and their valuable investment is well spent.

GP Tech Energy through its well trained staff, makes sure that all our clients get TOP Priority and after sales services are ensured with utmost priority.